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Swing with your FEET! Sawang Resort lands footgolf in Thailand.

Followers of the Moo Pha team cave rescue incident last month will say they have experienced one of the most memorable success stories involving a Thai local youth team. We, as the admin at Sawang Resort website, agree and would like to add another remarkable story to showcase the talent our local boys.

On Saturday July 21st 2018, Sawang Footgolf hosted its second tournament on the fairways of Sawang Resort Golf Club, Petchaburi, Thailand. With more contestants than the previous tournament, the sport is taking shape in Thailand. 

The tournament is sponsored by Singha Corporation and attracted people from mainly Bangkok, Ratchaburi, and Petchaburi. 

Our previous holding champion, Khun Arnon "Ake" (second from right) has the honor to kick off the tournament!

The group of "death", so much talent in one group.

Top: Course designer Khun Note and the U-15 boys

Bottom: Familiar faces of footgolf friends and family from Bangkok. These boys are persistent!

The champion of the day, Nong Peerapat (Pee) U-15 AC Soccer Family age 14, natural position is wing-back.


All the winners; Nong Peerapat (Pee) U-15 AC Soccer Family (in blue),1st runners-up Nong Hack from Huahin City FC U-15 (in red), and 2nd runners-up Nong Chanin from U-15 Petchaburi FC (in orange). 

All smiles once again in a fantastic display! Congrats all worthy winners and better luck to the other boys! Dear Moo Pha team, next time come play with us!

Sawang Footgolf is open everyday from 7:00am-5:00pm.