• footgolfer89

Making of Footgolf @ Sawang Resort

Sawang Footgolf was fully integrated on September 2017 into one of the perfect golf courses just between the rolling hills of Khao Yoi, Petchaburi.

The new sport is adaptable in the current golfing areas but does not affect the golfing game as the footgolf holes were specially located in parallel but not crossing the normal golfing map.

To transform the course, we ordered our holes from FOOTGOLF SUPPLIES UK where the holes were in footgolfing standard size and quality. At Sawang Footgolf, we have 18 fantastic holes with great fun and twists to test your skills.

Sawang Footgolf has been introducing the new sport in Thailand and creating fun events/tournaments for the community to embrace this new and easy to play sport.

With so much pride, we are the first footgolf course within a golf resort and we will continue to promote this sport to the future generations to come.